This is an unusual rare set of 8 Philadelphia Centennial Chippendale Style Dining Chairs. They have all been structurally restored and reupholstered. What is also very unusual is to find a complete set that has been custom-made for family members of different body sizes. There are four armless chairs of one size and two armchairs that are appropriately slightly larger. Then there is a larger chair that is meant for a larger individual and a smaller chair that is meant for a smaller individual (child or Grandmom?). The chairs are in very good age-appropriate condition.
The measurements for the 4 armless chairs are height 40", width 19.5", depth 21"
Seat height 19.5", width 19", depth 15"

The measurements for the 2 armchairs are height 40.5", width 28", depth 21"
Seat height 20", width 22", depth 20" Arm height 27"

The measurements for the large armless chair are height 43" width 21", depth 21"
Seat height 22.5", width 21", depth 17"

The measurements for the smaller chair are height 38", width 20", depth 18.5"
Seat height 17", width 19", depth 15" less

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